Overrated things in Singapore

I wouldn’t consider myself as the all-knowing Singapore expert, but I stayed there for a couple of months and travelled there a few times, so I guess I’m also not a newbie any more. So let’s make this a little series about the Lion City.
Today, the overrated tourist things in Singapore. My 2 cents from a tourist perspective, maybe a little decision help for the one or the other.

Singapore Zoo

Are you into zoos? Fine, maybe it’s for you. I don’t like zoos. Did the famous night safari; did not change my mind.

Singapore Flyer

Never did it, so I can’t really say :) Don’t feel I missed something. Guess the view is much better on the MBS Sky Park, also cheaper.

Singapore Flyer
Looks better from outside.

Sentosa / Universal Studios

If you’re in Singapore because of the beaches, you’re doing something wrong. Universal Studios is okayish with kids, otherwise…nahh. And aside from that, there is not too much else there. And why would you take a hotel on Sentosa, when all the action requires a 20 minutes ride?


Have a quick look while you’re strolling around the Promenade. But don’t go there because of it.

The Merlion in Singapore
The Merlion at night. Could be worse.

Orchard Road & Shopping malls

Orchard Road itself is not bad overall, especially around Christmas with the decorations and the lights. Go there, have a look around, go into one of the malls (probably ION Orchard), check out the shops. But don’t expect too much and don’t spend too much time there. Prices for most things are usually higher than in Europe and US, especially for western clothing brands, and the shops are more or less the same in all the malls. What I like about the malls though is that you can cool down when the heat is getting brutal and actually make some distance underground without seeing sunlight. And of course, there is no mall with no food court or restaurants.

ION Orchard Christmas
Merry christmas and spend lots of money

Jurong Bird Park

Did I mention I don’t like zoos? I mean, the Singapore Zoo is probably top notch for a zoo, but Jurong Bird Park depressed me. Why would you put a huge eagle into a small compound where he can glide for maybe 3 meters?

Jurong Bird Park
Sad bird at Jurong Bird Park

National Museum of Singapore

I have mixed feelings about this. The architecture is pretty cool, and the terrace on top offers a great view, the exhibition however was a little disappointing for me. Maybe there is a reason that Singapore is not really famous for its art?

Chicken Rice

Not saying it’s bad, but hey, in the end it’s just chicken with rice.


And soon something about the things and places I really like :)

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