Bangkok street photography

Buddhas in a temple
Buddhas in a temple – one of the “touristic” photos

I just came back from a 2 week trip from Bangkok. Aside from the usual photos of temples etc. I tried to focus on what’s called street photography: Random encounters and incidents in public places. I guess, the fact that I’ve been to Bangkok before and did not had too much interest in visiting all those touristic spots again, helped me on that. I’m actually quite happy with the results, as I did not do this intensively before. The outcome can be found in the new Bangkok Street gallery. One topic I missed to photograph though is the public mourning of Thailands King Bhumibol who recently passed away. This plays a very prominent role in Thailands public life and you see his countenance at every corner in the city. I was however hesitant to hold my camera into the faces of grieving people as it felt slightly disrespectful for me.

cigarette break
cigarette break

Good places for street photography in Bangkok

So where can you do street photography in Bangkok? Basically everywhere, that’s the nature of street photography, isn’t it? And Bangkok is a relatively easy place for that. There is so much going on in public space, an extremely vibrant city. Like everywhere in the world, markets are generally a good starting point and there are dozens of them in Bangkok: Wet markets, flower market, floating markets. Also China town, especially a night time, is super interesting, although you’ll having a hard time not have tourists on your photos, but maybe that might also be a theme? And aside from that, try to leave the usual paths. Even in the center of the city, not far from infamous Khao San Road, you’ll find spots which feel untouched, where locals live their daily life.

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